Roam & Wander Photography loves to tell a story, and is all about capturing your wedding day as it happens, particularly those precious, intimate moments!  Romina will capture the laughs, smiles, tears and joy so that you can relive the day through photographs for years to come. Roam & Wander Photography is fresh, creative and candid in its photographic style, while unobtrusive and discrete in its approach. Romina wants her loved-up couples to feel comfortable in her hands, and therefore getting to know each other over many cups of coffee, or tea, is an essential part of the journey when choosing Roam & Wander Photography.

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Words can’t express how much we loved every picture, every moment you captured and every emotion we went through on our special day! We did not stop laughing, smiling and saying ‘wow’ or ‘holy moly that’s stunning’! You have truly exceeded all our expectations with how beautifully anyone could have photographed and captured our day!
We can’t thank you enough. We are in for a tough job to select our favourites!
— Tory

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There is nothing more precious than capturing those you love on camera. Whether it be celebrating a new addition to the family, or enjoying a gathering with those you love, Roam & Wander Photography can be there to photograph all the special moments as they occur in a candid, natural and artistic manner. There will be many laughs, smiles and probably a tantrum or two (mostly by the little ones), but this is all part of the joy in photographing moments as they happen in life. 

Romina, you’re a gifted and talented Photographer and your passion for photography shines through your work. The shots you captured on our special day were just amazing. Your aesthetic, your artistic style was exactly what we were after. Thank
you so much.
— Anna

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beautiful things

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ― Confucius

Whether it be a cafe, a homestead or boutique shop,  Roam & Wander Photography looks to capture the beauty that is in front of the lens. Romina uses the same candid and natural approach of photographing people to photographing objects and places, believing they should be photographed so that viewers feel as if they are there themselves.


I cannot thank you enough for the easy, no-fuss experience we had dealing with Roam & Wander Photography. We enlisted Romina’s expertise in photography to aid in setting up our company website. We explained in detail what the strict requirements were regarding our final vision, and our request was met with absolute professionalism. The photos were natural and creative, but also reflect a very personal, calm and nurturing environment, one where our patients would be made to feel at ease upon reviewing our practice online. Romina’s photo’s exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Roam & Wander photography to anyone who is looking for professional quality photos for home and business alike.
— Loretta

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